Three vegetarian restaurants in Chiang Mai

Pumpkin curry and Pad Thai like we never had before! Yummy!!
Pumpkin curry and Pad Thai like we never had before! Yummy!!

This one is for all the vegetarians, vegans and generally health-conscious folks that are new to or will be new to Chiang Mai.

Personally, as a person who once struggled to find good vegetarian places to eat at, I know that having an easy list of a few good places is invaluable. Hence my golden Chiang Mai selections:

1. Morning Glory: named after the glorious Thai dish, this restaurant offers not only delicious Thai meals but cooking classes so you can take the goodness with you wherever you go. Check them out on Prapokklao road:


2. Anchan Vegetarian:  This lovely place offers some great smoothies as well that are not only delicious but healthy and filling. Have a bite here:


3. Bamboo Bee: My personal favourite, their Pad Thai and Pumkin curry are top notch. Have a bite, here:



If you have any recommendations for places offering good vegetarian food in Chiang Mai, please post it as a comment below!


Author: Leshanta Roop

Leshanta, though she looks Indian, actually hails from the small tropical country of Trinidad and Tobago. Her partner, Mustafa, is Australian with Turkish heritage and sometimes refers to himself as the Australian Turk. Together they travel the world in search of new adventures whilst creating podcasts that showcase their opinions on a variety of topics, some of them very sensitive and controversial.

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