Pokemon GO! Just another Pay-2-Win game!

After a quick skim of the article whether Pokemon GO was P2W on Forbes.com I quickly realised that the person who wrote the article wasn’t a gamer (especially not in competitive games). The fact is the gaming industry has transformed. Transformed from an industry where people used to pay X amount of dollars to attain X amount of awesome, in-game entertainment. Whereas these days, games have become “casualized” to the point where winning games are more about how fat your wallet is rather than how skilled or knowledgeable of a player you are.

The Good Ol’ Days of gaming will be missed!

PokemonGOOne might argue, that there is an alternative path to playing Pokemon GO. If you wish to simply catch as many pokemon as possible at a relaxed pace, well you can do that. Here’s the thing though, it’s a very limited experience where you don’t get to battle your pokemon or interact with other players. So, what if you did want to fight in gyms and do your best to win battles. Well, unless you’re willing to fork out real world $$$ you’re tough out of luck.It has only been a few days and my friends in USA and Australia are reporting that they are struggling to win gym battles or maintain them (eventhough they have already spent some $$$ buying items). So, what do you need to do to win more gym battles and become strong enough to hold onto a gym? The answer is simple, fork out more cash. More $$$ you spend in-game = more items = more Pokemon = stronger Pokemon.

Our childhood dreams are being sold to the highest bidder!

The original Pokemon game was about the story, it was about the good guys and the bad. It was a story that millions of kids could relate to. It’s a damned shame that Nintendo has Tarnished Pokemon’s name in such a way. I feel so sad, reflecting back at the times I would mash those “A” and “B” buttons of my gameboy.

Goodbye Pokemon! Goodbye the world of games.

Maybe it’s not all Doom and Gloom. Maybe there’s a glimmer of hope that Virtual Reality can bring gaming back to its former glory. Until then, I will continue to refuse acknowledging anything that has in-app purchases to be a game.