Recruiter Blacklist

As teachers we feel a certain sense of responsibility for the educational community. This is why we have started this list of recruiters who are disrespectful of teachers’ skills and try to undermine their clients by manipulating and sometimes even lying to have to job seekers sign up to work at the schools/organizations they are hired by.

Agent Name Organisation Name Reason for being on the list. Reported by
 Derrick Yazwa  New Life ESL  Dodgy character, making false claims about information he had no knowledge of. Blocking the job seeker as soon as he realizes that he can not con them into a low paying teaching job in China.  Mustafa Yildiz
 Chinaexpat8808  Time waster, agreeing to certain terms, lying and changing requirements for an interview.  Mustafa Yildiz
zoe.sun Unprofessional behaviour, testing people to see if they are “patient or not”, extremely rude. Mustafa Yildiz
Chris workingvacationinchina Posting fake job ads on Mustafa Yildiz

Okay, this is not an extensive list (although if I had listed every recruiter that frustrated me, it would be) but these are the main culprits that have demonstrated some kind of unprofessional conduct. If your name is on here and you feel as though I or someone else has unfairly judged you. Feel free to email me to plead for your case. Alternatively if you have experienced unprofessional behaviour by a reqruiter, feel free to email us and we will do our best to keep this list updated as regularly as possible.