Our views on cheating.

Hi everyone, Leshanta here with a reflection/recap of the podcast you just listened to.  So, what is cheating? Mustafa and I came up with a few points as to what we thought constituted cheating. In the podcast we both debate the finer details and grey areas as to what cheating looks like. However, I think the main point we agreed on was that engaging in sexual intercourse with a person who is not your partner without your partner’s knowledge or consent is, as a crude, bare bones way of putting it, cheating.

We also took a look at why men and women cheat. A tricky topic with no clear answer, our insight was that cheating normally takes place when there is a breakdown in the communication between the partners in the relationship.  We also looked at how difficult it is for someone in a relationship to admit to their partner that they might have feelings of attraction to someone else  – society trains us to believe that once you are in a relationship your desire for other people disappears. This one person is now all you are allowed to see, to feel lust for and develop emotional connections with. Is this reality institutionalized or not? And if so, for what purpose?

We round off our discussion with a very sensitive question – “Is cheating wrong?” Personally, I still feel that cheating is wrong, simply because it end up hurting the one you are with. However, some very valid points and some well though out recommendations were made coming down to the end of this podcast and your feedback on this and any other points that were made would be most welcome.